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FYI we no longer sell race fuel.

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Gen III Hemi Production Has Ended! Get your

New Engine Assembly ordered today, while they are still

possibly available

 Hell Cat Computer Management Kits 6.2L  

IN STOCK NOW 7/10/2024

Red Eye Computer Managment Kits


As of July 10th, 2024

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For more than 47 years, Bouchillon Performance Engineering has sold, serviced and manufactured Mopar parts with one thing in mind: the customer. Nothing is worse than calling a company that is just trying to sell you a part for your vehicle, with no knowledge or experience behind their sales drive. Our breadth of knowledge and experience sets us apart.

We specialize in Mopar Performance parts and service for all makes and models, from classic creations to modern muscle machines. Not only do we sell and service Mopar parts, we also custom manufacture many Mopar parts to make that custom job you are trying to build a reality.

We Told You The Time Was Coming. If you have been waiting, Time is Almost Up..... Get Your Hemi Ordered from us Today!   CALL US!


New Factory Assembly Line Complete Engines Available

2021 6.2L HellCat 707 HP

2021 6.2L Red Eye Hell Cat 797 HP

2021 6.4L SRT8 392 

2021 5.7L Hemi



JUST RELEASED Gen III Hemi to Torqueflite                                        Flexplate   

Many of you have been asking about the Torque Converter Drive Plates or Flexplates for the Gen III Hemi's that allow you to use the 727, 904, 500 or 518 Transmissions behind them. Many of you are aware of the poor designed piece that Mopar Performance originally released and has been copied by others that had the too large of holes for the torque converter bolts. The builder had to use some sort of spacers, or it would rattle and eventually crack.

There were other complaints about the older clover leaf style drive plate that would crack under stress and load. Click here for more details!


Cooler Line Fittings 8HP70 & 8HP90 

Allows use of #8 AN Fittings



fits 8HP70, 8HP90 and many other Quick Release applications         

Mopar Gen 3 engines including 5.7L, 6.1L, 6.2L, 6.4L/392, & 7.0L/ Hellephant 1000 hp 426 cu in
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Bouchillon Performance Engineering offers thousands of Mopar performance, restoration, factory replacement and custom parts. Many of these parts may not be listed on this site (particularly low-demand items), so if you don't see what you are looking for, please use our contact form to inquire about availability. We strongly encourage you to review our policies page prior to placing your order.


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We value your business and want to gain your trust. If you have comments, questions or suggestions, please let us know via our contact form. Thank you from Bouchillon Performance Engineering.

Mopar Gen 2 engines including 426, 472,
528, 540 & 572

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