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Starter EXTREME Mini (Hemi Gen-3 with 727/Manual) (61R274)

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Extreme Mini High Output Starter


Fits  5.7L /6.1L/ Hell Cat 6.2L/6.4L Applications using   TKO500/600, A833, T56 Manual Transmissions &/or 727 and 518 Torqueflite Installations needing or having some fitment issues with certain headers or cylinder blocks. Has been found to offer more room when headers are used. Works better on most TTI Header Applications calling for a rotational head starter, such as :9523 or RobMc Starters.   1.7kW CW, 10-Tooth Pinion,  This starter is actually more powerful than our normal 5200 light weight starter and the Powermaster 9523 starter (which both are 1.4 KW/1.8 HP)

Has permanent Magnet Fields that generally are not effected by Heat as bad as Original Full Size Wound Field Chrysler Starter


1-Like ALL Starter installations onto new Gen III Hemis,using Torqueflite Transmissions and most Manual Transmissions:  Cylinder Block at Drivers Side Rear corner, above the pan rail must be clearanced for most any starter Installation, Except 545RFE Installations. Failure to clearance this area, starter will not set flush onto bellhousing face and will destroy the starter and flywheel/torque converter ring gear. There is one PIC without Starter installed that you can see the machined area above pan, normally, required to clearance.

2-Extreme Mini Starter, just another option for clearance issues with certain Header applications... See Pics

3-New Assembly/Not Rebuilt

4-Not a rotational head starter

5-As in all Gen III Hemi Starter Installations onto 727,518,833 4 Speed, TKO500/600 and T56 Transmissions.... Bottom , drivers side lower portion above Pan Rail has to be clearanced for proper fitment on most all starters except on 545RFE transmissions applications.

6-Not recommended for use with 904,998,999, and 500 Transmissions

7-If using with a Aftermarket Bell Housing, some do not use the center end support that original equipment bell housings & automatic transmissions have. They also Cut the starter mounting hole too large in the engine plate, which will not support this starter and will cause failure of starter and ring gear. This has been found on some T56 bell housings, especially Quick Times bell Housings. If yours it like described, you will have to try a #9523 or #5200 Starter for fitment

Works with #727A503AB Lower Dust shield used on 727 & 518 Transmissions

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