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BPE Replacement TorqueFlite Kickdown Cable (3351)

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This is a Replacement Cable Only...

Caution: you are probably really looking for part 3350


This is our throttle pressure cable we utilize in our #3350, #3325, #3325S, 613350R, and 613350S. This is only a replacement cable, nothing else comes with it. If you are looking for a Complete Throttle Pressure System, go to:#3350, #3325, #3325S, 613350R, and 613350S.


1-When removing this cable from your carburetor or throttle pressure device stud, ALWAYS PULL CABLE FORWARD/DO NOT TRY TO SNAP OR POP IT OFF. It will break, there are no known repair ends available for the cable when broken. If you break the cable there upon installation or adjustments, warranty will not cover that self inflicted failure.

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