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Power Steering Pump 6.1L SRT8 MODIFIED (61F778MODIFIED)

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Gen III/6.1L Hemi Power Steering Pump with Reservoir & Pulley 2005-2010 6.1L SRT 8 SPECIAL MODIFED 15% LESS PRESSURE




Gen III/6.1L Hemi Power Steering Pump Assembly with Reservoir & Pulley. This pump is exactly the same pump as our 61F778 but has been modified to reduce the pumps pressure.  Fits 2005-2010 6.1L SRT 8 Engines, 2005-2008 5.7L Non VVT Car Engines, 2005-2008 5.7L & 2006-2010 6.1L SRT8 WK Grand Cherokee. Complete with Phenolic Pulley, Reservoir and Filler Cap.  This pump Used to Replace Divorced Reservoir & Pump Found on all 2005-2010 LX/LC Cars.

Hardware Required:Mounting Bolts BPE61F8MM Req.3

Line Fitting Required: Use 61F608 Pressure fitting to adapt pump to a normal #6 AN Female Fitting

NOTE: Due to the volume of fluid these pumps move, Always use a Power Steering Cooler (BPE241009 POWER STEERING COOLER KIT) on Return Line to Pump. Small Auxillary Transmission Cooler can also be used.

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Please note, we no longer sell race fuel.