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Product Install Gallery: 1972 Dodge Demon

Original 340 small block, A-body, factory A/C Car

Full Installation Pictures Of Complete A/C and All BPE Products Installed. This Is A GREAT HELP, When Doing Your Own Install! There Are So Many Great Detailed Pictures In This Gallery. It Can Be Used As A Reference For Almost ALL Condenser Kit Installs!

Image Gallery (via Google Photos; link opens in new window/tab)

This Install Allows Uses Of All The Factory Dash and Evap., Not Harming A Single Mother Mopar Piece. Keeps The Value, If It Was Ever To Be Put Back Stock!

BPE A/C Components That Were Installed On This Vehicle Are Listed Below:

  • BPE 6651A Complete UnderHood Condenser Kit
  • BPE 4730 A-Engine/Magnum Engine Compressor Mounting Bracket
  • BPE 7312 Sanden "Shorty Style" Compressor
  • BPE Non A/C Set Up Complete Pulley Set

Product Install Gallery: 1966 Plymouth Satellite

All BPE products installed on 1966 Plymouth Satellite w/ 500 cubic inch M.P. Crate Motor, with:
Keisler 5 Speed Transmission
8 3/4" 2:76-1 Posi Rear End

Image Gallery (via Google Photos; link opens in new window/tab)

  • Complete Set Of Our BPE Pulleys
  • BPE Alternator Mounting Bracket Kit w/Correct Bolts and Spacers
  • BPE HIGH OUTPUT Chrome Alternator
  • BPE 4705 A/C Compressor Mounting Bracket, Bolts and Spacers
  • BPE 7312 "Shorty" Sanden SD7 Compressor
  • BPE SlimLine UnderDash Evaporator Case
  • BPE Under Hood Complete Condenser Kit
  • BPE 4735 Mini Power Steering Pump and Mounting Bracket Kit

Product Install Gallery: 1970 Plymouth Fury Hemi

Butch Houghton's 1970 Fury has our BPE 4710 compressor mounting bracket kit installed, allowing you to set up your Hemi to look like a FACTORY A/C engine. Even though HEMI's never had factory air, this kit sets it up exactly like a factory A/C big block motor (383/400/440) using factory A/C pulleys, factory A/C alternator mounting brackets, and our complete underhood condenser kit. Our complete underhood condenser kit gives you EVERYTHING needed from the front bumper of your Mopar, to where the two evaporator fittings come out the firewall; the only thing not included are the compressor and compressor mounting brackets. With this kit you get everything needed to upgrade your factory A/C to work with your New Low Horsepower Robbing Sanden 7312 Compressor, and get the coldest interior temperature possible! Simply wire in one wire to your factory dash and your factory dash works exactly like it did from the factory!

Image Gallery (via Google Photos; link opens in new window/tab)

This car was featured in a past issue (06 Feb, year unknown) of (the erstwhile?) Mopar Muscle magazine (the old link seems to be dead now, this link could possibly be the same article). The original article reference on our old website apparently had an error attributing the parts to Classic Auto Air, although the car had no Classic Auto Air parts on it. The original reference on our old site is as follows:

So How Many BPE Customers Caught This Screw Up In Mopar Muscle This Month?? They Claim This To Be A Classic Auto Air A/C..But If You Know Our Products Or Have Visited This Site Before, Then You KNOW This Is ALL BPE PRODUCTS Installed On This HEMI Fury! Installed Is a BPE 4710 and BPE Complete Underhood Condenser Kit, Allowing Everything In The Factory Dash To Still Be Used, As It Was Originally, But BETTER! There Are No Classic Auto Air Products ON THIS HEMI! ALL BPE A/C PRODUCTS! Mopar Muscle Admits To Making The Mistake and Giving Credit To The Wrong Company, And Promises A Statement Saying So In The Up Coming MAY Issue of Mopar Muscle Magazine! We would Like to Say Thanks To MOPAR MUSCLE MAGAZINE For Figuring Out How This Happen, For Admitting The Mistake, and Working To Right The Wrong..Thanks BPE

Product Install Gallery: 6651 AC Underhood Kit In Two Separate Plymouth Barracudas

Image Gallery (via Google Photos; link opens in new window/tab)

Product Install Gallery: 4710 AC Hemi

Image Gallery (via Google Photos; link opens in new window/tab)

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